Up Skilling Our Worcester Bosch Gas Engineers

Ian the Plumber and Gas Engineer at S Fearn Plumbing & Heating in Leeds

Upskilling Our Gas Engineers: A Commitment to Staying A Head of The Game at S Fearn Plumbing At S Fearn Plumbing, we understand that the key to providing excellent service lies in the continuous professional development of our team. That’s why we’re proud to share a recent milestone in our commitment to excellence: the upskilling…

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Connecting Underfloor Heating with Heat Pumps: Pros and Cons

Underfloor heating with heat pump in home

We talk a lot about efficient and sustainable heating systems. What we haven’t mentioned much of yet – though will be as the blog progresses – is the combination of underfloor heating and heat pumps. The energy saving benefits to you and how it has gained significant interest deserves a post. By seamlessly connecting these…

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