Zone Central Heating Into Rooms With Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valves

In the past zoning a central heating system meant having to repipe to ensure each zone had dedicated pipework from the boiler, now with Smart TRV's this can be achieved relatively easily by changing the radiator valve or sometimes even just changing the TRV head.

Each valve talks to a main control panel which in turn turns the boiler on/off. This means that while working from home and only using the office you can set the temperature in there to a comfortable 21 degrees while having all the other rooms at an economic 12-15 degrees.

Likewise, your kitchen which is usually a place where you are active and moving can be set to 18 degrees while your sitting room can be a cosy 21. These can be changed on an individual basis or you can easily group valves together to make a larger multi-room zone.

Each valve can be operated in the room, at the main control panel or from multiple phones and devices.

You can also log on from any device with the internet and change the settings/temperature.


Couple these with a modern boiler that can operate at just 10% capacity, and you have a highly efficient system. So your 30KW Combi boiler can operate at just 3 KW, enough to heat 1 or 2 radiators.


We have used this system in the past, but we have also installed and maintained Tado, Worcester Bosch and other manufacturers' systems.


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